About Ature

Our Story

Once upon a time, our CEO wished that there was a body of minds with a specific goal of encouraging and supporting her creativity and artistic goals without being exclusive and impenetrable with barriers that are financial, geographical or demarcated by levels of expertise. She was ready to learn the type of things that you don’t get from a classroom, the lessons from those that have been out there and done all that.

But all she could find were blogs repeating the same content, consultancies that cost a hand and a leg and nothing catering to her topsy-turvy, all over the place, creative mind. More importantly nothing as such directed at the ‘gold mine’ African atmosphere.

She couldn’t find it, so she made it… it all started with a thought. This is Ature.

Who we are

Ature was birthed in Nigeria, Port-Harcourt specifically and today has spread through West Africa. One of our aims is to be the hub and the shoulder to lean on for creative businesses in West Africa and the industry as a whole. We teach, mingle, network, encourage, learn from and partner with creatives. We believe in collaboration and co-creation, vertically and horizontally… that’s our ethos.